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About the Founder

Judy Sciaky is a CCPS, a Certified College Planning Specialist and an RICP, a Retirement Income Certified Professional.

She is dedicated to helping families through the college process as painlessly a possible.  She tries to get students  accepted to their “best fit” college, and  help families get free money for college, and, most importantly, help families fund the cost of college without spending their life savings,  ruining their retirement or going plain broke.   

While Judy helps all college bound families, she especially concentrates on those going through the divorce process. Families going through divorce are subject to pitfalls not experienced by other families. Most divorce lawyers or mediators are not familiar with the college admissions process or the college financial aid process and can inadvertently cause a family to lose thousands in financial aid.  Planning mistakes during divorce can be extremely costly and Judy uses her financial aid expertise to work with lawyers and mediators to save divorcing families as much money as possible.