Attention FAFSA filers!  You will need to establish an FSA ID (federal student aid ID) in order to file the FAFSA in January. For those of you who have previously filed a FAFSA, you have established a pin. But that pin won’t work anymore. As of May, the new FAFSA regulations require you to create an FSA ID. Each FSA ID  is made up of a unique username and email and will be used to file and sign the FAFSA. Each student has to establish his or her unique FSA ID. But only one parent, the parent who is going to file the FAFSA, needs to create an FSA ID. The parent’s FSA ID can be used to file and sign all of their children’s FAFSAs. You do not need to know your child’s FSA ID to access the FAFSA.

If you have a pin, you can and should link that pin to your FSA ID because it will give you access to all your information and not just the ability to file the FAFSA.

Whether or not you are a first time filer, I recommend that you and  your kid(s) create your FSA ID now so that you will be ready to file the FAFSA in January. Remember, even if you don’t qualify for financial aid you should file the FAFSA to be able to have access to federal student loans for which every student is eligible. There are even some colleges who require the FAFSA to be filed before they award merit aid.

Here is a link to the federal government’s website which will give you more information about the FSA ID and allow you create an FSA ID:

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