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College Planning

AP&G College Planning is the college planning division of AP&G Financial, LLC, a local company in Montgomery County located just outside of Philadelphia and serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  We are dedicated to helping students get into the college of their dreams and making sure their parents can afford to pay for it without going broke.

It is our mission to find the best college to suit each student and to make sure their parents can pay for it without draining their savings, jeopardizing their retirement or incurring massive debt. 

There are three major areas of concern for families of college bound students. They are the pillars of the college planning process:


1. Getting in:  What if my child doesn’t know what college to apply to?  We can help  your child find the best fit college academically, socially and financially. Matching your child to the right college and major is key to college success. Even if your child has specific colleges in mind, we can assess if they are the best choices for him or her.     

2. Getting financial aid: How do we get the most and right financial aid?  First of all, you need to know the factors that determine financial aid eligibility and the part each factor plays in the process.  There are two types of financial aid: gift aid (grants and scholarships) and self help (loans and work study).  Gift aid is based on merit and/or financial need and it does not have to be paid back. We can show you how to put yourself in a better position to receive more gift aid and lower your college cost.  To get financial aid you will need to fill out a FAFSA and/or CSS Profile form. These forms can be confusing and filling them out incorrectly can cost you thousands of dollars in aid. We will guide you through the questions and make sure your FAFSA  and CSS Profile forms are submitted correctly and on time. College has become so expensive that even wealthy families can’t afford to make mistakes. We’ll make sure we’re doing everything possible legally and ethically to get the most gift aid for your child.


3. Funding college: How am I going to afford the cost of college and still be able to retire?  That’s where strategic college funding comes into play.  We’ll work with you to make sure you’re maximizing your chances of getting scholarships and grants by focusing our time and energy in the right places. But no matter how much financial aid you receive, there will still be a balance to pay for college. We’ll determine the best options for you to fund the remaining cost of college without sacrificing your lifestyle or your retirement -so you don’t have to work into your 80s.  Wouldn’t you like to have peace of mind, save thousands & pay as little for college as possible?

Then let AP&G guide your student through the college application process and you through the maze of the college financial process.  We will show you the secrets that colleges don’t want you to know. We create customized plans that will show you how to get the most financial aid, merit aid, grants and scholarships for your children. Our goal is for you to be able to pay for your children’s college educations and still maintain your  lifestyle and save for your retirement.  Are you wondering how that’s possible because you haven’t saved enough money to put your kids through college? We will help you find the money to pay for it. Think you have too much money to qualify for financial aid? Think again. The high cost of college may make it possible to qualify.    


Do you have a college funding plan in place? Let us review your plan to make sure it will do what it’s supposed to. In 92% of cases it won’t.  And  it may be due to the lack of understanding of the interaction of the three pillars of the college planning process. At AP&G we refer to them as getting Admitted, Paying less, and Graduating without going broke.  Each area is overwhelming in its own right, but what makes it even worse is that each pillar affects each of the other pillars. Parents may have many different advisors giving them advice – a financial advisor for investments, a lawyer for estate planning, a CPA for taxes, a high school college counselor for college admission.  They may not realize the adverse effect their recommendation can have on your college bottom line. This situation becomes critical in the special case of divorce. If you are in the process of a divorce, please contact us as soon as possible. Most financial advisors and attorneys are not familiar with the college process and can inadvertently create a settlement that could  add thousands of dollars to your college costs. We will make sure that does not happen to you! It takes a college planning professional to maximize your financial situation during college years and minimize your out of pocket college cost. 


Why AP&G College Planning?

Why AP&G? Because of our experience in the college admissions, college funding, and financial aid process.  Every family’s situation is different. We will assess your child’s abilities and career desires in conjunction with your family’s financial situation to develop your best strategy to get your child admitted, pay as little as possible regardless of your income or assets, and to be able to fund the cost of college without using all your resources.

College Planning Process and Financial Aid Success

The college planning process can be daunting and overwhelming.   There are many terms and forms throughout the financial aid and college process that will seem foreign and confusing: EFC, FAFSA, CSS Profile, SEM, unweighted average, SAT, ACT, UTMA, UGMA just to name a few. It does not have to be a nightmare.  College Planning is the key and we are here to help!  It is possible to get your child into the college of his or her dreams and be able to afford it!  Contact us today to speak with our college planning, college funding and financial aid experts.