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APG offers a variety of effective college planning, college funding, and financial services for students and parents.







What We Can Do For the Student

Student Planning And Positioning

The first step in the college planning and development process is for each child to discover their passion.  Our specialists will work one on one with each student to ignite their perfect career.  We will assess your child’s personality, interest, skills, abilities and values.  We will assess whether your child will do better on the SAT or ACT. Using this information we will then work with your child and family to customize a balanced list of schools that seem to be the best fit.


  • We will work one-on-one with your child to ignite his/her passion and find his/her perfect career
  • We will use our proprietary software to assess your child’s interests, values, and skills in order to target the right major and tailor a “Best Fit” college list
  • We will counsel your child on admissions and be the “task master” to ensure all of his/her applications are completed accurately and on time
  • We will grant access to our Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) system to help leverage your child’s ability to be admitted at a top choice college
  • Our team will provide guidance and critique for your child’s college essays, college interviews, and college admissions tests (SAT, ACT, AP exams, and SAT Subject Tests)
  • Your child will receive a college report with specific due dates tailored to his/her college list
  • You will have access to our ongoing, exclusive teleconferences, webinars, and newsletters to stay up-to-date on college admissions


What We Can Do For the Parents

Financial Aid Preparation, Coaching, and Awards Analysis

The college process is counter-intuitive. It does not work the way you would expect. Saving for college is important, but how and where you save matters because colleges actually assess your investments and your child’s investments. Most financial advisors are not familiar with the ins and outs of the college process and do not make financial recommendations based on the rules of college admissions and financial offices. Unfortunately, this can adversely affect you.


  • We will analyze your current financial situation to determine what colleges will expect you to pay
  • We will coach you on how to lower your costs for college and get more financial aid
  • We will help to identify scholarships and grants that are appropriate for your child
  • We will identify effective financial strategies, tailored to your specific situation, in order to help you fund the cost of college without jeopardizing your lifestyle, your savings or your retirement
  • We will give guidance in filling out any financial aid documents, and we will help you submit your FAFSA (and, if needed, CSS Profile) for you by the priority deadline
  • You will receive a personalized College Funding Planning Report (CFPR) – our exclusive report with data directly from colleges – to understand college financial aid trends by school
  • We will provide a one-on-one “Awards Analysis” meeting to analyze your child’s financial aid awards and determine his/her best value school