Making the College Process Easier for Students and Parents

AP&G offers a variety of effective college planning, college funding, and financial services for students and parents.

What We Can Do For the Student Student Planning and Positioning

Most students develop a college list with colleges and universities that are strong in their chosen major. But there is much more to consider in getting admitted and having a successful college experience.

As a student, you will spend at least 4 years in college, so it’s important to make sure you will be happy there. That’s why AP&G goes through the following steps:

  • We will identify your preferred college environment by determining your desired climate, college location and type, school size, campus lifestyle and culture, extracurricular activities and how important co-op programs and after graduation job networks are to you.

  • We will match the colleges’ admission priorities with your academic and extracurricular history.

  • We will rank colleges’ strength in your major factoring in the above criteria. This can narrow your college list substantially or even create an entirely new one.

  • We can show you the likelihood of getting admitted to those colleges and the type of financial award you can expect.

  • We will explain the role that Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plays in getting admitted.

  • We will give you guidance on and critique your college essay.

What We Can Do for the Parents Financial Aid Preparation, Coaching, and Awards Analysis

The college process is counter intuitive. It does not work the way you would expect.

Relying on advisors who are not familiar with the ins and outs of the college process may adversely affect you. They may make recommendations that could add thousands of dollars to your college bottom line. For example, saving for college is important, but how and where you save matters because colleges may assess your investments and your children’s investments: the higher your assessment, the lower your financial aid eligibility.

  • We will coach you on how to lower your college costs and get more financial aid.

  • We will guide you through the FAFSA and if necessary, the CSS Profile financial aid forms so you submit them correctly. Not answering correctly can cost you thousands of dollars in financial aid – especially considering the new FAFSA changes.

  • We will analyze your current financial situation to determine what colleges will expect you to pay.

  • We will develop effective financial strategies tailored to your specific situation in order to help you fund the cost of college without jeopardizing your lifestyle, your savings, or your retirement.

  • We can create a College Comparison Chart with data directly from colleges that will show the most recent admissions and financial aid data from each of the colleges to which your child intends to apply.

  • We will analyze your child’s financial awards to determine the best value school and whether an award should be appealed.

  • We will guide you through the appeal process, if necessary